Jamie McDonald is a former producer at Fox News and an award-winning documentary filmmaker.  His last film, “Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills and Painted Nightmares” won “Best Documentary” in 2007 at the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival and the Dragoncon Film Festival.  “USA Today” gave the film three out of four stars.

	Before joining Fox, Jamie worked in production on several CBS News programs including “60 Minutes,” “Sunday Morning” and “The CBS Evening News.”  

He began his television career as a page on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Jamie grew up in Indiana and has lived in New York City for over 15 years.  He currently resides in Midtown where he is always on the lookout for more “New York Originals.”

New York Originals NYC LIFE


Jamie McDonald

New York City Tourism Classic

PBS, New York ORiginals,

Episode 1

Russ and Daughters

One of the last “appetizing” stores left in the country.  Located on the Lower East Side, it is part of a Jewish dietary tradition.


Slot car racing joint, where you can race toy cars on electrified tracks.

PE Guerin

Makes decorative hardware ie doorknobs, hinge etc in perhaps the only metal foundry in the city.

La Rosa Cigars

Mini cigar factory where they hand roll cigars right before your eyes.

Eddies Sweet Shop

90+ year old ice cream parlor with much of its original fixtures still intact.  All their ice cream is made in house.

Episode 2

Lemon Ice King of Corona

Best known Italian Ice makers in the city.

Cameo Pet Shop

Likely the oldest pet shop in the city.  Has a pet fish that is 40 plus years old.

E Vogel

High end custom made footwear.  Customers have included Jackie O and Charles Limbergh.

Patsy’s Pizzeria

One of the oldest pizzarias in America.  Known for their coal fired oven pizza.  One of the few in the city still allowed to cook this way.

Episode 3

JJ Hats

One of the oldest and largest hat shops in the city.

Putnam Rolling Ladder

Makers of high end rolling ladders.  One of the last factories left in SoHo

Kew Gardens and Cobble Hill Theaters

Two of the last independently owned movie theaters left in the City.  Both have vintage and original fixtures.

Old Town Tavern

Old time bar with original 19th century fixture.  Popular with literary types.

Episode 4

Holographic Studios

The only Holograph gallery in the city.  Also one of the oldest holograph makers in America.

Frank Bee 5 and Dime

The last five and dime left in New York City.  Sells hard to find household goods.

Kenny’s Castaway’s

An original rock club that’s can boast putting on Bruce Springsteen and The Smithereens before they hit it big.

Teddy’s Bar

Victorian Era bar in Williamsburg that looks almost completely original.

Embee Sunshades

Makes large beach and street vendor umbrellas by hand.  One of the only left in America doing so.

Episode 5

Orwasher’s Bread

90+ year old bakery, still making all their goods in house.

Caffe Reggio

One of the oldest cafes in the city.  Cappuccino was introduced to America here.  Known as a hangout to Beatniks, Bohemians, and hippies.

Manor Deli

German inspired Deli, known for its tasty dishes and extraordinary cleanliness.


Elegant bistro that’s building once housed a speakeasy, gambling parlor and even a brothel.  “Sex and the City’s” Scout Bar scenes were filmed here.

Episode 6

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

Depression era diner in the Flatiron district that looks like a time capsule.

Bellitte Bicycles

Bike shop that’s been in the same location since 1918. Oldest continously owned bike shop in America.

Brownie’s Hobbies

Going into its fortieth year of business, it is one of the last hobby shops left in New York City. 

Burcke’s Marine Supplies

Boating supplies shop on City Island, opened in the 1920’s.

Peter McMannis Bar

Genuine Irish bar.  Opened in 1911.

Episode 7

Schmidt’s Candy

Old time candy shop started in the 1920’s, still making it’s sweets from scratch.

e Robertis Pastery

100+ year old Italian pastry shop in the East Village. 

Bohemian Beer Garden

The last “true” and original beer garden left in New York City.

The Bitter EndVillage rock club that helped Bob Dylan and Woody Allen get their start.

Brennan and CarrRoast beef sandwich restaurant that’s been around since the 1930’s.

Episode 8

Sammy’s Romanian Steak

Classic Jewish Steakhouse on the Lower East Side.

PJ Clarke’s

Historic Bar restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.  “One for My Baby” was written at the bar.

Prospect Hall

One of the last Victorian Era ballrooms left in America.  Al Capone got his nickname “Scarface” here.

Holtermann’s Bakery

A Staten Island institution, it opened in 1878 and has been owned by the same family all these years. 

Frank’s Sports

One of the only independently owned sporting goods stores left in New York City.  Has been in business since the 1920’s.  Popular with sports stars.

Episode 9


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